Harvested Tobacco Leaves


It starts with the highest quality tobacco available in the United States. Select tobacco leaves are the foundation necessary to produce Azure’s Premium Hookah Tobacco. Our skilled artisans demand quality ingredients from beginning to end to ensure your experience exceeds expectations and satisfies even the most demanding hookah enthusiasts.

Azure Gold Line Tin


Our expertly handcrafted hookah tobacco is produced in California. Following strict production standards established in America, our tobacco exceeds all current products in the market by using techniques that have been passed down through generations. Only the finest tobacco is utilized to produce Azure’s Premium Hookah Tobacco.

Azure Black Line Tin


In addition to our Gold Line, we have created the Black Line made from the finest blend of black tobacco and molasses for the boldest of hookah enthusiasts. Following handcrafted traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations, our Black Line will impress even the most demanding tastes and standards of hookah aficionados.

Azure Gold Line


Quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship are paired with immediate sealed packaging to ensure Azure Premium Hookah Tobacco is not only fresh, but retains moisture and the flavors are sealed in airtight so you can enjoy the perfect smoke.